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2014 Black Tie and Blue Jeans BBQ

The 2014 Ronald Reagan Black Tie and Blue Jeans BBQ will be held on Thursday, October 30th at Canterbury Equestrian Showplace!

Join Fox News' Andrea Tantaros, Attorney General Pam Bondi, CFO Jeff Atwater and Agriculture Commission Adam Putnam at Black Tie and Blue Jeans.

For 2014, our keynote speaker is Andrea Tanteros from The Five on Fox News!  It is the Thursday before election day, and it is going to be the last big, Republican event in the State of Florida before election day, the following Tuesday.

Other Special Guests:
We are also please to announce that Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and Florida Commissioner of Agriculture Adam Putnam is joining us at Black Tie and Blue Jeans!

Go to our Black Tie and Blue Jeans website for more information and to purchase tickets.


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Our Ballot Recommendations
Tuesday, 30 September 2014 17:51

Governor: Rick Scott

Attorney General:  Pam Bondi

Chief Financial Office:  Jeff Atwater

Commission of Agriculture:  Adam Putnam

Congress District 3:  Ted Yoho

Congress District 5:  Glo Smith

State Representative District 10:  Elizabeth Porter

State Representative District 21:  Keith Perry

Tax Collector:  Jon Costabile

County Commissioner, District 4:  John Martin


Florida Constitutional Amendment 1:  No
The amendment forces the Legislature and Governor to reserve specific amounts of money toward land conservation.  The State of Florida has already done a remarkable job conserving land.  In a down economy, this amendment would restrict the Legislature and Governor from being able to re prioritize state funds to more critical needs, including social services, medicaid, etc.

Florida Constitutional Amendment 2:  No
This amendments purports to legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.  It is, however, filled with loopholes that would allow unscrupulous doctors to set up pill mill type operations to write prescriptions for any perceived malady without any real medical or government oversight.

In fact, if you own a business, an employee could smoke marijuana on the job, as long as they had a prescription, and there is nothing you can do about it.